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Nutri-Lean – Long-Term Healthy, Easy, Satisfying, Did I Mention ‘Easy’? Weight-Loss!

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Now, the cleansing/detoxing (Clean 9) part of the program was over and it was time to move onto the Nutr-Lean long-term and permanent weight loss program. So day 10 involved the relatively minor and easy shift into the ‘new’ program. Something I will remain on until I hit my target weight.

The main difference between the detox and the nuti-lean part of the program is the introduction of food at more regular intervals and the fat absorbing supplement Forever Lean This new supplement contains the prickly pear cactus and white kidney bean, both well known for their ability to inhibit the body’s absorption of fat from the food we eat.

The program breaks down into a smoothie/shake and piece of fruit for breakfast, a small mid-morning snack, a shake and salad for lunch, mid-afternoon snack and a balanced evening meal (approx 400 calories), 120ml of Aloe Vera and of coure, two litres of water!

Now that might not sound like very much, but my overwhelming experience (and I’m a man remember so I can get REALLY hungry!!), is that most days I have struggled to get through my ‘allowance’!! Yes, I was amazed too!!! But the very sound principal of little and often, made up of protein and complex carbs which ensure a slow release of energy, satiating hunger pangs and making the whole experience generally a very comfortable one.

I’ve made it a rule not to skip the products, especially the ‘shakes’ which contain 100% of my daily RDA’s of vitamins and minerals and the aloe vera, which is just amazing, incredible, fabulous (and a little yucky to taste), stuff! (but it’s ok to mix it with a little juice or even put it in the shake if the taste really bothers you? But I drink it neat – go on.. you’re a grown up – you’ll survive! ). If I DO skip something, it’s usually the banana I put in the shake at breakfast time (though I do like some cranberries or strawberries in there), or the salad/fresh veg part of my lunch or my mid afternoon snack.

I don’t intentionally miss my meals, I simply don’t feel hungry! And what’s more, if I DO get hungry later on in the evening, I still have something left in my daily allowance to quell the hunger completely. Now I know there’s a myth out there that you shouldn’t eat later on in the evenings, but that’s just what it is, a myth! As long as it’s healthy, and maybe was instead of your afternoon snack when you weren’t hungry, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, I’ve been on the nutri-lean element of the program a full month now. I’ve lost another 8 pounds, I have tons of energy, I’ve gone down a size in clothes and I feel great! How many times have I strayed and eaten ‘junk’ – stuff I shouldn’t or craved it? Honestly? NEVER!! And that was not because I have strong will power! I just don’t get hungry!!! And IF I am hungry, there’s always plenty left in my daily program that I can have! So if the ‘munchies’ appear, out comes the hummus and the raw carrot, broccoli etc or the oatcakes and peanut butter (the not sugared variety) or a nice small bowl of porridge – yum!

OK – I can hear you thinking, what! No pizza? No fries? No chips? No chocolate? Where’s the fun in that? Well honestly, aside from the chocolate – a little tip on that in a moment – I just do NOT crave the junk foods that made me sick and unhealthy and FAT! Period!

Chocolate? Well, that’s one thing I DO allow myself and I do it for a reason. I buy a small bar of 70% cocoa plus DARK chocolate! (It has to be dark – sorry for you milk chocolate lovers! ) And after I’ve had a ‘meal’ or if I’m just feeling a bit of a munchyness need, I have a small piece of dark chocolate! Yes, it’s true! And… I’m still losing weight!! You see, I find that little piece of dark chocolate after a ‘meal’ tells my brain – you’ve finished eating and you are satiated! It works!!! Seriously! I don’t need it after every meal, most of the time the Garcinia I take half an hour before the meal – satiates my appetite very well, but sometimes, well, it’s just nice to have it and I really feel the difference right after I have it!

Next time, I’m going to blog about something I hitherto haven’t mentioned, *whispers conspiratorially, ‘exercise’!

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