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Houston We Have Lift Off!! The First Two (And The Hardest) Days!

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Ok, so hard can it be? Well for a kick off – NO food for two days! No coffee! No alcohol! No nicotine! No nothing, EXCEPT for the products in the ‘Clean 9′ program!

Now, as I said earlier, for me it was just the coffee I had to give up, but a friend of mine who used to smoke, and has also done the ‘Clean 9′ said that the caffeine withdrawal was FAR worse than anything he ever experienced when giving up nicotine!

I expected to be tired for these two days and I expected my head to hurt. I was right on both counts! I was glad I scheduled them to be non-working days. On the other hand, it wasn’t the end of the world. I was very happy I had finally taken charge of my health. And I kept reminding myself, that come day 3, whilst the junk food would NOT be returning, the coffee (and nicotine – if I had smoked) were allowed to return.

It was ONLY two days! For those two days, I lived on a large quantity of Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel (a prebiotic and much more – why this is important in a later blog), Forever’s Ultra Lite high protein shake (which contained 100% of my recommended daily allowances (RDA’s) of essential vitamins and minerals), Forever’s amazing Probiotic, Forever’s Bee Pollen for energy and nutrition (more on this in later blog too), and Forever Garcinia (a natural appetite suppressant) and finally TWO litres of water sipped throughout each day.

So, how hard was it? Well, I’m certainly glad I was clear about my ‘Whys’? If anytime I felt my resolve sinking, they stopped me from doing anything silly. My head (from the caffeine withdrawal) DID hurt quite a bit and I preferred (as it was meant to be a detox!) NOT to take any drugs for that and I rested quite a bit. Since I had scheduled to be doing just this, it was not therefore a very hard weekend. I was certainly glad when monday came and I knew that in the evening I would be eating food again, but it was not bad enough to put me off ever doing it again.Overall, I’m extremely pleased with myself I got through it and it really felt like I was doing something serious about improving my health – finally!

Incidentally, having lost the caffeine headache by Monday, I decided to stay off the coffee at least for the duration of the ‘Clean 9′ program. After all, I was no longer physically craving it. But that was my choice, it felt sensible and now it was achievable! But if you feel the urge to start smoking again and drinking your coffee, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Alcohol though? You can live without alcohol for 9 days can’t you? hmmmmmm

Next time, I’ll explain in more detail what the different parts of the program were for and why they are beneficial.

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