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Clean 9 – The First 9 Days – What’s Involved?

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Well, if you’ve my previous blog, you should already be prepared for the first two days. They were hard, but they weren’t THAT hard and my goodness, they were worth it! Four days into the program, my blood pressure, which has been moderately high for over a decade was almost completely normal! I had no idea that could happen on Aloe Vera? I’m writing this blog some 5 weeks from that day and I am happy to report that my ‘normalised’ blood pressure is still normal. Of course, this might not work for everyone, that’s just my own personal and unexpected benefit of the detox.

So, what is actually involved?

Well, the whole principal of this Clean 9 program is that you need to guarantee that your body gets 100% of your daily nutritional needs. This is NOT a starvation diet! Anyone can lose weight by starving!!! Call it what you like, the Atkins diet, the cabbage diet, slimmers world, weight watchers and so on, most diets work on the same principal… starve!

This one IS different. In this program, you FEED your way towards a leaner, healthier you. But to begin with, it’s vital we ‘reset’ the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients. This is a two step process. First, we need to flush out the toxins and second, we need to cleanse and restore the digestive system. That’s why the ‘clean 9′ program is a full 9 days.

During that time you will consume two very tasty meal replacement shakes (that provide 100% of your daily RDA’s of vitamins and minerals)  a powerful prebiotic, the aloe vera, a probiotic (to populate the bowels where nutrients are absorbed with ‘good’ bacteria), Garcinia (to help stop you getting hungry), bee pollen (to help sustain you and give you energy) and of course.. food!

All these things together, create for you body a supportive, cleansing and nutritious program. The ‘food’ you eat by the way, is a balanced meal once a day. Roughly, a 600 caloried meal consisting of one third protein, one third complex carb and one third healthy oils.

So, how did I get on. Well to be honest, after the first two days and that darn cafeine hangover, the remaining 7 of the detox were relatively easy. I learnt not to skip parts of the program. For example, mid-morning snack was two tiny bee pollen tablets! I thought, how much difference could they possibly make? Trust me, they made a HUGE difference! Also, I learnt to be very strict about my water intake. I had a two litre bottle of water (my minimum daily allowance) and I took it with me everywhere. Sipping from it regulary, (rather than trying to gulp it all down in two or three goes).

A word about the water. Like or loathe it, you CAN’T live without water! The two litres a day on this program may seem daunting to some and you may not like it. My advice if you do this program, is like the taste of the aloe vera, which isn’t great, I have to be honest, LEARN to like it! It’s worth it. If you want to know more about water read ‘Your Body’s Many Cries For Water’   by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.

OK… long blog and much more I could say, but really all you need to take from this is that the 9 day cleanse is not that difficult and really, really worthwhile! Now you are ready for some serious long-term health building and weight loss!

Oh and in case you were wondering, I lost 7 pounds in those 9 days. For everyone this will be different. And weight loss of greater than 1 to 4 pounds a week over a prolonged period of time is not healthy. But it certainly boosted my morale and belief to have lost 7 pounds! A great start and I was beginning to feel great!

More next time about the Nutri-Lean program itself.

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