‘Exercise’ Is Not A Four Letter Word! (It’s Eight Actually!)…

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OK, I admit it, I used to loathe ‘exercise’ too! Seriously, if I ever felt the ‘urge’ to exercise, I made myself a coffee, got a chocolate biscuit, sat down on the sofa and watched some stupid reality tv until the ‘urge’ had passed! (who said ‘couch potatoe’?) Now I KNEW this was wrong, I even had a gym membership which I NEVER used, but kept paying on purpose because I knew that one day, just wasting money on something I never used would finally motivate me!

The problem was, the fatter I got, the less I wanted to exercise and more importantly (to me), be SEEN in the gym trying exercise! I didn’t feel good about myself and my confidence about my appearence fell through the floor.

So what changed?

Well, first lets explode a common myth about exercise. Exercise by itself does NOT burn fat! Well OK it does, but at such a phenomenally low rate you’d have to run something like the equivalent of a marathon to lose a pound of fat! Who’s got the time, the inclination or the fitness to do THAT three times a week? Not to mention the high potential for injuring yourself in the process!

No, exercise is not a two step process – i.e. exercise = burn fat. Exercise is in fact a THREE step process, exercise to raise your level of fitness (which includes toning and building muscle!), which in turn raises your metabolism and subsequent burning of…. fat! What’s the difference? Well the difference is that whilst the actual exercising is an inefficient form of burning fat, the BENEFITS of exercising makes your body more efficient at burning fat, even whilst you are sleeping!

So I’m afraid the bad news is… yes, you DO need to exercise!

The good news is… exercise doesn’t have to be boring or difficult!

Oh and whilst I’m on the topic… I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked, ” if I do your weight loss program (Nutri-lean), do I have to exercise?” Now come of people, think about it, you were given two legs, two arms, muscles and joints for a reason… to move!!! Our ancestors didn’t call it ‘exercise’ though, they called it… survival! If you didn’t move you couldn’t escape from predators and you couldn’t hunt for food… so either way, you’d die! Period!

The human body is designed to store ‘energy’ in fat cells to cope with lean times when food is not plentiful. It is ALSO designed to move! (exercise!). So if you were hoping you could avoid exercise AND lose weight, get real and forget it!

But, exercise is not ALL bad! Where people go wrong with exercise is they get hung up on the forms of exercise  they should undertake. If you don’t like going to gym… don’t go! If you don’t like swimming? Don’t swim! If you don’t like team sports? Don’t join a team! But, find something you DO like! Apart from doing nothing, it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you MOVE!!

One method of exercise that really works well, especially if you’re very overweight, is the ‘Clicker’ method.

What’s a ‘clicker’? It’s an inexpensive little gadget you attatch to a belt around your waist called a pedometer. Simply, it measures how many steps you take. A good plan is to purchase a reasonable quality pedometer or ‘clicker’ and wear it every day for a week. Standing up, sitting down or walking, over the week, if you check the read out every day, it will tell you how many clicks (or steps) you take on average per day. Now it will ‘click’ even when you’re sat down and sorry, we have to disregard them. But the ‘average’ should give us an idea of how ‘active’ you are.

Once you know your average ‘clicks’ per day, it’s simply a matter of consciously making the effort to be more active – by active I mean walking! So if you drive, park further away from the shops and walk to them, Or if you take the dog for a walk (always a good one to imrove), instead of 10 minutes go for 15 and so on. When you first start, your ‘clicks’ per day are likely to be well below 3000 per day if you currently have a sedentary lifestyle. Just like I used to. So gradually, over a few weeks, aim to increase your clicks per day, by say 1000 every few days. Your ultimate target is to click about 10,000 clicks per day! (that equates very, very roughly to about 3 miles of walking – ish!).

Now of course you could ‘run’ some of the clicks, that’s even better! But, I don’t want to put you off and it’s not necessary, if you don’t like running, don’t run! Walking is just fine! Ideally, increase the number of clicks you do incrementally until its 10,000 clicks a day and ideally, as you get ‘fitter’ and feel fitter, increase the intensity of your walking to a brisk pace as much as is practical.

Now the clicker is just one idea. But can you see how simple it is? No expensive gym memberships, no team sports and if you have a dog, the dog will LOVE you!

Bottom line, you MUST exercise if you want to lose weight and keep the weight off, but find something, anything you LIKE to do, There is no prescriptive exercise you MUST do. Just find something you like and do it every day! Don’t push too hard to begin with, just increase slowly, but be persistant! It does get easier! Honest!

MEDICAL WARNING: Please remember, before you undertake ANY kind of exercise you are not routinely used to, to consult your doctor first! I am NOT a medical professional. Remember too, your doctor will have access you may not have to free gym memberships and other activities that you may enjoy. So ask your doctor about that too.

Remember, if you want change in your life….
The Change Begins With YOU!

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