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“Chorleywood: The bread that changed Britain” BBC News (and made us a nation of IBS sufferers?)

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Lovely piece of PR for the bread industry here on the BBC News website…  In a reasonably balanced article, it explains the process… “…adding hard fats, extra yeast and a number of chemicals and then mixing at high speed…”; how that has made supermarket bread  ‘cotton’ fluffy and speeded up baking bread, making UK bread amongst the cheapest in Europe.

But Professor John Warner at Imperial College warns “”We have several pounds of bacteria in our guts and there have been marked changes in this gut flora in affluent societies over the last 50 years.” and that he himself would choose for preference a simpler product. Amen to that!!!

Personally, I won’t have supermarket bread in the house. I bought myself a bread maker (from experience I can recommend a Panasonic) and I set it to bake wholemeal bread for the kids and myself every night when I go to bed. It takes about a minute to load and it’s very quiet, so though it takes 5 hours, I set it to deliver fresh bread for us when we wake up for breakfast! The bread is awesome… and the ingredients.. Organic wholemeal flour, salt, sugar, olive oil, dried yeast. Simples!!! No hard fats, no extra yeast and no chemical additives (which by the way, they DON’T have to declare on the label!) AND the bread is fluffy (the panasonic is the only machine I know that doesn’t bake bread like a brick!)  and incredibly tasty!

Anyway, here’s the link to the BBC News article and here’s a repeat of a link from an earlier blog about Chorleywood that explains more about the problems, healthwise, with Chorleywood

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