Lost 30 Pounds (14 Kilos) Hi, my name is Robin J Emdon and  I've never done a blog before, so bear with me! The reason I started this one was to keep a record of my  progress in my new weight loss program. My Brother recommended that I take a serious look at Forever Living Products as a means to sort out my health. My problem and priority is that I've been digging my grave with my teeth for 15 years. I was at least 40 pounds overweight, with borderline high blood pressure and had early signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’ve tried pretty much every diet there is, from the very well known ones to  a total liquid diet under doctor supervision. All worked to a fashion, all were really HARD and all yo-yo’ed the fat straight back on as soon as I finished them as I resumed ‘digging’! For a while I was skeptical about the Nutri-Lean diet and wouldn't even look at it. I thought it was yet another ‘starvation’ diet! But I became more and more depressed about my weight and failing health. Again I spoke to my doctor. He offered me the same ‘starvation’ diets I had tried and failed at for years! Finally, I looked at Forever F.I.T. I discovered there was some real science behind it. It FED me, not starved me. It CLEANSED my body so it was better able to accept the nutrients. I liked what I read and decided to give it a serious go. I began with the 9-day ‘Clean 9’ detox. The first couple of days they said would be tough, and they were. But I figured anyone can do something for two days, especially if they are as unhappy about their weight as I was! The next seven days, were actually pretty easy in comparison and as long as I followed the program plan, it really wasn’t too bad. Since then I've been on the main Nutri-Lean program which is incredibly simple and most of the time really easy!

  1. I’m not getting starving hungry like on other diets – I’ve almost never needed any willpower!
  2. My blood pressure has normalised (I get this and my weight loss checked every two weeks by my Doctor)
  3. My IBS symptoms have subsided – I also cut out milk and have my shakes with oat or soya milk for preference.
  4. I’m spending LESS money on junk food and drinks than ever before and the savings I’ve made are more than paying for my Nutri-Lean, so because the money I’m spending is coming out of my old grocery budget, you could say I’m almost getting my Aloe Vera for free!
  5. The weight and inches are dropping away nicely – 14 pounds and 5 inches in the first  month. Modest, but HEALTHY!
  6. 30 pounds lost in total so far!
  7. I have tons more energy
  8. I look great, I feel great and I have transformed my wardrobe!
  9. Some days, I even eat LESS than they say I can have! Because I’m NOT hungry!

I’d recommend this program to anyone. No more ‘yo-yo’ing’!! You can’t put a price on good health, I’ve stopped digging my grave with my teeth,  nothing tastes as great as ‘slim’ feels! OK – long enough blog for now. I’ll post regular updates as and when I have some value to add. Next, if you’re interested, I’ll explain in more detail the benefits of the constituent parts of the program and why they are making it successful for me.

Remember, if you want change in your life....

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